Team Kint

The best part about starting Kint is getting to know amazing ladies from all walks of life, forming meaningful friendships with one another, and building a community that shares the same values and beliefs. 

You've seen these gorgeous ladies on our IG, now it's time we share their stories. By the way, they are all our actual customers turned brand ambassadors!

When you check out with any of their personal codes, not only will you enjoy 15% discount off all items, they will also get a chance to earn a little. 

Meet Team Kint

Su Ann: FT Mum, Fitness Enthusiast & PT

"I consciously choose to love & accept all my body’s bumps, lumps & folds, and I’m currently healing from my autoimmune issues. I believe in working on being better, eating better & moving better."

If you're a mom too, this is such a great reminder for all of us.


Aqilah: Entrepreneur

" Motivation will bring you far, but discipline will bring you further." 

We adore her spontaneity, cute tik tok videos and positive disposition. Her fitness motivation is to be a healthier version of herself everyday.


Kayde: Contracts Performance Engineer

" The Power is in your hands - You are the master in curating your life." 

Kayde was a customer turned friend and what a small world, we even attended the same Muay Thai classes years back! Life really is about connecting the dots backwards.


Gwen: F45/barre instructor/compliance exe

" The pain you feel today will be the Strength you gain tomorrow." 

Gwen is always on the move, literally. Some of you might have met her when we had our first Virtual Sweat Sesh (back in Fitty days). Yes, she was our lovely instructor for that session! 


Shuxian: Finance Professional

" Movement should be supported, and support should be inclusive." 

Last but not least, Shu is full of sass and energy AND she's an amazing dancer. She inspires Kint to stick to our core value - we work out to celebrate our bodies, not our sizes. Everyone deserves to look good and feel great in activewear.